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Full screen virtual tour

A blast from the past!
John recently dug up an audio clip of Helen Arthur offering a gentle suggestion to some campers via her bullhorn.
Helen's advice...

Photos from Jim Charpentier
Photos from Ann Abram
Photos from Kel Flynn (Jean Shadley's grand daughter)
Bonfire Pizza 2007
Bench Photos 2007
Mystery Night 2007
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So what's the purpose of this website??

Well, I have a few ideas, and I'm sure that others will have some as well, but I wanted to register a "simple" domain while it was still available so that people didn't have to type in

Because I'm in Blueberry Hill, the primary focus of the site will be BBH, but if any of the cottage dwellers or state-side visitors have any information that they'd like to put on the site, let me know.

Some basic ideas that I've got are:

  • Current and old photos. If you've got some decent old photos, that would be great. Just send them to me and I'll scan them in. Please don't send me a shoebox with 500 snapshots in it. Just send me a small group of the best ones. If you can get them scanned in yourself and email me the digital images, that might even be better. There is a possibility that by the time the camp season starts, I'll have equipment that will allow me to photograph 35mm slides and negatives down at the campground. We'll see...

  • Administrative information from John and Linda. I'll have to talk to them about it, but maybe we could get updates on what changes are happening in the campground, answers to frequently asked questions that they get, and of course a reminder of the rules! :-)

  • An announcement generator.
    This one could be tricky, but here's how it would work. Everyone with an email address would have it listed in a database. (This database would not be viewable by the general public.) Any current camper could post an announcement to this database with varying levels of importance.
    The importance levels could be:
    • Critical - Deaths, campground emergencies, etc.
    • Important - Announcements from John/Linda, association announcements
    • Casual - Everything else - for sale, looking for a walking partner, etc.
    Each person with their email in the database could decide which level(s) of messages they'd like to receive.

  • Any more ideas? I'm open to suggestion.